The Chef creates divine combinations

Our Story

We know how it feels when one craves their local food thousands of miles away. So being Pakistani, we wanted to bring the local taste from the food hub of Pakistan, “Lahore”. Therefore, to make your meals unforgettable, our chef travelled all the way to Lahore to soak in the culture and the touch of simplicity that it takes to make the customary cuisines and its one-of-a-kind street food. Our Tandoori Barbeque and Handies served with Sesame-Seeds-loaded Naans is a treat for the tastebuds. But the Chicken and Mutton Karahis will take you back to Lahore without ticket. Not only that, we bring you the famous Lahori Nashta (breakfast). A desi style Halwa Puri and Nihari along with lassi as specials on weekends. We at Lahore Restaurant have put our hearts and souls into bringing the true Lahori Cuisine and a culture-enriched ambiance straight from the Walled City. We make sure to provide our customers with a desi aura to feed them and their Instagram! So come and savor your experience with us.

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